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Put Your Child Ahead of the Curve

Get the best in early childhood education in Victoria, TX

Your child's education is your number one priority now that you have a family. Put it in the hands of the best in Victoria with Kidz of Destiny. Our teachers and staff members go above and beyond to provide a nurturing, educational environment to stimulate your children's minds. Your kids will enjoy interactive learning to pick up basic skills, by studying a curriculum that includes:

•Physical Education (PE)

Kidz of Destiny's dedicated team of compassionate caregivers work directly with children up to 12 years old to teach all of this and more. They'll also pick up social and self-development skills that they'll take with them throughout their lives. Let us prepare your children for the next stage of their education. Get in touch with Kidz of Destiny to learn more about our curriculum.

advanced learning

Building a Solid Foundation For Your Children's Future

Victoria, Texas' school offers a unique, fulfilling learning environment

At Kidz of Destiny, we take child development very seriously. All of our staff are more than qualified thanks to our rigorous educational requirements. Our goal is to give your child the best support system possible outside of the home, cultivating a curriculum that goes above and beyond to get them ready for what lies ahead.

We provide a safe place to leave your children, one where you can be confident that they are stimulating their minds. Our advanced learning center teaches core components to support child development. Kidz of Destiny also works on social skills, and provides three healthy meals a day and physical education to keep both mind and body healthy.

Kidz of Destiny offers a comprehensive educational environment that our team puts into place every single day. With a curriculum created by an accredited professor, your child will be equipped with everything then need to live a successful life! Jump start your child's education by reaching out to Kidz of Destiny.

Innovative Learning Through Engagement in Victoria, Texas

Stimulate your children's minds by bringing them to Kidz of Destiny

advanced learning

At Kidz Of Destiny, we are dedicated to nurturing your children's physical health as well as their overall development. Let them experience play time and physical activities in a safe, supervised environment. We'll watch over them as they experience the joys of being a kid, and organize fun group activities.

advanced learning

Our curriculum is the only one of its kind in Victoria, Texas. Created by an accredited professor, your children will learn skills they'll carry with them throughout their lives to become a success story.

advanced learning

Social skills are just as important as mental and physical development when you're a child. Our dedicated teachers and staff provide a friendly, welcoming environment in which your children can grow together.

Empowering Children Through Education

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